Reiki is a Japanese word made up of two parts i.e. “REI” means universal and spiritual, “KI” means energy.

Language Meaning of Reiki
Sanskrit                          Prana
Polynesian                     Hunas Mana
Hebrew                           Ruach
Chinese                          Chi
Egyptians                        Ka
Sufis                                Baraka
Greek                               Pneuma
Native Americans            Oreneda
Russian Researchers     Bioplasmic Energy

REIKI can only be used for noble and positive ends-to heal. It is nothing but unlimited and unconditional pure love-energy of the latent oneness for all that comprises it. This love energy is the greatest vibration available to mankind. It is so simple and easy to be believed. No other energy healing systemcan match the safety, simplicity and ease. It acts and heal the root of the problem.
* “REI” combines with “KI” means universal life energy force or spiritual life energy force.
* It is more commonly understood as a simple hands on healing system of in-compararable ease and efficacy.
* Re discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan.
* It is the fundamental energy of which the universe is made up. Reiki is therefore every where and exists as every thing.
* It is spiritual in nature.
* Correct practice of reiki tends to correct any imbalance in the speed and direction of the spinning chakras, or energy vortices that provide and interface between our physical bodies and our auras. This process corrects any energy imbalance resulting from a disharmonious pattern of absorption
re-circulation of the cosmic energy within the human system-leading to all-around physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.
* Reiki reestablishes our lost connection with the oneness that surrounds us in a multiplicity of forms.
* Reiki is not given but drawn. It is drawn in proportion to one’s subconscious intention.
* Provider of the reiki energy is merely a chhanel.
* Reiki is that you can make no mistakes in its use-it has its own intelligence.
* Reiki may release supperesed negative emotions. This is the natural part of healing system.
* With regular use of reiki, old mental and emotional blocks start dissolving.
* Reiki removes blocks that keeps us from being in touch with our divinity,and prevents new blocks from forming.This dissolution of blocksalso makes way for a progressively clearer, easier, more active channel.
* Lost balances within the body are reestablished.
* Reiki requires energy exchange.

Reiki’s popularity is growing at an exponential rate because of…
• Its ease, safety and efficacy
• It has absolutely no prerequisites
• It does not depend on qualification that can be learnt through a conscious mind
• People from all walks of life are learning and practicing it all over the world
• Its uses and applications are limited only by our own imaginations, which is why it is being acquired and practiced by doctors, engineers, healing practitioners, masseurs, physical therapist, psychologists, students, house wives, executives, corporate leaders, people who are interested in personal growth and self realization and people who are simply curious.

People may dismiss Reiki by saying…
• It sounds too good to be true
• It is a money making gimmick, a fraud
• It is against my religion
• It is an inferior alternative to modern medicine, with no scientific basis
• I am already healthy and happy
• I am too busy
• It is too slow. Results take too long
• Its boring. I can not sit still.
• This “miraculous healing” is mere coincidence
• I oppose “Guru” worship
• Such powers come only from demons or Satan
• Side effect not known as yet
• I am already on meditation
• I am unspiritual
• I suspect something fishy
• Initially it works but no longer effects
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