About Us

Lotus Meditation Group is a holistic healing group actively engaged in promoting the age old Indian tradition of meditation that yogis practiced to follow a completely healthy life style by just being in total consonance with Mother Nature. We follow, practice and teach not only the Indian meditation techniques but a whole confluence of meditation techniques followed across the world, globally.

Besides the meditation techniques , we also deal in healing techniques like REIKI, DOWSING, CRYSTAL HEALING, TAROT CARDS READING , GETTING SPECIFIC QUERIES ANSWERED BY VARIOUS RELIABLE TECHNIQUES. Special counseling sessions are also conducted as part of our meditation and healing activities.

We are also a part of holistic healing activities on an International level such as “EARTH DANCE”, “PLANETARY GRID TRANSMISSIONS”, “THE INTENTION EXPERIMENTS” etc where we are the only recognized group from this part of the world.

Besides this we also take healings of diseases, events happenings and other adverse situations in life. Special healings are also done for Examinations, improvising concentration, and creating positive influence for stressful situations in life.

We also use Tarot reading, Dowsing, Psychic healing, Kinesiology, Past life regression, Crystal healing and other techniques for specific answering of the queries.

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