Guidance for 1 February, 2012

Justice will be done.
Decisions will go in your favour, particularly regarding partnerships or legal matters.
A time for some good luck and reward for your good deeds in the past.
Good judgment, success in all legal affairs.
A decision will go your way.
Signing of contracts, unity, balance, and harmony.
The righting of a wrong.
An advantageous business proposal.

This guidance deals with the idea of karma and the law of cause and effect, stating that all events, and all people, are connected.
It’s important to remember that not everything you are dealing with, however, is a direct result of your own actions or karma.
Sometimes you will be called upon to deal with the results of the actions of someone you care about,
and this can sometimes be as difficult and demanding as it is when you’re up against something that is completely of your own making.
Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.

This guidance evokes the need for fairness, balance, and harmony.
Operate in as balanced and reasonable a fashion as you can.
This includes in how you think about and treat yourself.
If you are directly involved with a court case, it is likely to be resolved, at least in large degree, in your favor.

You need to be sure that your work/life balance is where it needs to be.
Too much emphasis on either throws the other into balance.
For most people, one or the other comes more easily to us;
be sure that regardless of which field (personal life or work) you feel most comfortable in,
that you are giving the other part of life as much attention and energy.
Balance is necessary in order to thrive.

If you are questioning whether you and your long-term partner are likely to stay together,
often when this guidance appears, the answer is that you are likely to choose to go your separate ways.
On the other hand, if you are single, this is a time when commitment may be coming your way very shortly.
Stay clear about what you most want from relationships, and you are likely to “find it” that much sooner.

This is a good time for games of chance.
Very often, when this guidance appears in the context of money, it can mean that a (usually fairly small) “windfall” is coming your way.
Even if you don’t gamble in any way, money that you weren’t expecting can show up now.
That’s always a good thing.
Use it wisely.

It’s important to “stay in the moment” and, once again, to pay attention to how you are (or are not) keeping a sense of balance in your life.
Moderation is not just for monks, it’s an important part of living a sensible and healthy life.
Consider how you might be “out of balance” – particularly if you have a health challenge now and remedy the situation.
You have the power to do so.

This is a time to work on being grounded.
Do you feel as though you are connected to the earth and your fellow man?
Can you be “in the world” but not “of the world?”
Balance again is the theme here.
Working on keeping the proper perspective about life will help you to stay centered.школа дрессировки собак киевrent amozrank checkреклама бренда торговой маркиабонентское обслуживание сайтаКак узнать пароль от почтыапдейт яндексагаджеты для смартфоновконцерт вакарчука

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